18 July 2008

Heaven's sigaiture

I tried to focus on her name: H.W.

9 July 2008

Letter by Letter: An Alphabetical Miscellany

Letter by Letter
: An Alphabetical Miscellany

Letters are the building blocks of our language, and quite possibly of our consciousness. Written into young minds through constant repetition, letters soon function like water in a fishbowl–essential for life, but too familiar to qualify as objects of serious inquiry. But considered separately from words and sentences, letters express their own mysterious beauty. In order to uncover their secrets, it is necessary to forego the conventional historical approach in favor of an impassioned appreciation of their formal and sensual characteristics.

In Letter by Letter graphic designer and calligrapher Laurent Pflughaupt analyzes each letter of the Roman alphabet in detail, tracing its origin, evolution, and form, as well as discussing its important abbreviations, symbols, and associated meanings. Arranged in alphabetical order, twenty-six entries offer a wealth of facts about each letter, establishing correspondences between letters and elements borrowed from a variety of different fields of study, ranging from traditional paleography, phonetics, and graphic arts to the more arcane areas of musicology, esotericism, and even Eastern philosophy. In addition to a glossary, timelines and images allow us to visualize the letters during the different historical eras, giving the reader an appreciation of their successive metamorphoses. Written as an homage, this lovingly illustrated book takes a broad approach to the modern alphabet, allowing the reader to see letters anew, in a fresh and lively manner guaranteed to inform and enchant anyone interested in typography and language.

Original contest and image: Princeton Architectural Press

Capture the best publication and promotion

Edited by Victionary
Designers have various styles. As the old saying goes, to each his own. But they are all driven by the desire to make a mark in their profession. Printwork may just do the trick. They allow designers to put their personal stamp on print work, notably publications and promotional materials. Designers distinguish themselves with their works using techniques such as special printing effects. Printwork devotes itself to documenting publications and promotional items such as catalogues, identity, leaflets, packaging, name cards, brochures and more. Whether you are a die hard print work fan or just curious about the trade, you may just find your little prints here.

Type Addicted
The new trend of A to Z typo-graphics

Edited by Victionary

From 2D to 3D design, types are another key visual besides pure graphics and illustration. How to deal with types is a common challenge among designers/artists from various design disciplines. We are excited to present you our latest title Type Addicted which shows you the new trend of A to Z typo-graphics.

Type is one of the graphic elements that designers always get addicted to play with. It is commonly used on almost every item in our daily life. The title not only presents a rich selection of experimental and inspirational typefaces and its application, it also reveals the diversity and innovative approaches of contemporary typography. Examples of work by up-and-coming practitioners as well as international and renowned icons are demonstrated; new directions and trend of nowadays typography around the world will also be disclosed eventually. This is truly developed for type addicts!

Original context and image: Viction: ary

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